Your #StayHomeForSG Heritage Fix

From museum secrets to little-known treasures of our island, this is the place to begin your journey into the fascinating sights, sounds, and stories of Singapore – all from the comfort of your home. For the next few weeks, we’ll be presenting you with virtual guided tours, rare footage, exclusive interviews and much more. So let’s start exploring!

Digitalising our Heritage

To inspire, anytime, anywhere


Museums Up-close

A museum experience can be inspiring with fascinating stories from around the world. We bring this experience directly to you now, with guided tours that unearth hidden gems in our museums and institutions.


▶ Journeys Through Port Cities

Asian Civilisations Museum

Understand Asian and Singapore identity through this lecture that journeys through port cities with the director of the Asian Civilisations Museum, Kennie Ting

an old new world virtual exhibition

An Old New World: From the East Indies to the Founding of Modern Singapore

National Museum of Singapore

Uncover two centuries of international exploration, trade and intrigue that culminated in the founding of Singapore as an entrepot in 1819.

from the coromandel coast to the straits

From the Coromandel Coast to the Straits – Revisiting Our Tamil Heritage

Indian Heritage Centre

The Indian Heritage Centre’s special exhibition reveals new facets of Tamil heritage, through a journey over 800 years of the experiences and evolution of Tamils in Singapore and the region.

national museum of singapore colonial singapore

▶ National Museum of Singapore: Colonial Singapore

National Museum of Singapore

The National Museum’s Singapore History Gallery chronicles our story over four major periods, and this video details Singapore’s time as a crown colony.

the move

▶ The Move

Asian Civilisations Museum

Find out what it takes to move a work of art between two museums, and why the painting of a view of Singapore from Mount Wallich is so important to us today.

Cultural Flavours

Discover the origins of famous Singaporean dishes, or explore the mythical tales from deep in our island’s past. Get ready for a feast of our ‘rojak’ culture, and learn about our colourful beginnings.

ramadan together

Ramadan Together

Come experience Ramadan Together – break fast with the local Muslim community at our mass iftar event, cook up a storm in our live masak session and join in the Hari Raya festivities in our kampong concert with surprise guests!

indian rojak

▶ Indian Rojak

Rojak is a famous staple of Singapore hawker food, and it has also become almost synonymous with Singapore’s cultural diversity. There are different kinds of rojak, and this video focuses on the Indian version.

the story of raffles

▶ The Story of Raffles

1819 is the year most famously associated with Sir Stamford Raffles, but this video goes beyond that date in history to examine the man before he set foot on our shores.

the move

▶ The Mythical Origins of Singapore

Archaeological evidence, legends and mythical stories come together as we explore Singapore’s ancient past.

Treasure Island

Get up close and personal with Singapore’s treasures, and relive seven centuries of history through our National Collection. Listen closely as our objects and paintings whisper the secrets of the past.

heritage conservation centre behind the scenes

▶ Heritage Conservation Centre Behind The Scenes

Learn how our National Collection is stored and cared for, and see how a conservator and conservation scientist approach the treatment of a painting.

finding farquhar animals

▶ Finding Farquhar - Animals

Watch as two professional photographers square off to capture local wildlife on film, as seen in the William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings!

jackson plan

▶ The Jackson Plan

The Jackson Plan was Singapore’s very first town plan, drafted by Lieutenant Philip Jackson in 1822, and it still affects our city to this day.

the hongs of canton

▶ The Hongs of Canton

Listen to stories of immigration, international trade and political manoeuvring, told through a single, intricately decorated “hong bowl” from Canton.

Street Wise

Walk with us down our streets, through our towns and historic districts, and past our National Monuments, which have borne silent witness to events both great and ordinary, and the lives of the men, women and communities who lived and worked in and around them.

a man a villa a revolution

▶ A Man. A Villa. A Revolution

Learn about Dr Sun Yat Sen and his legacy across China and Southeast Asia, and his connections to Singapore.

orchard heritage trail

▶ Orchard Heritage Trail

Orchard Road is one of Singapore’s most famous streets, but there’s a lot more to it than just big shopping malls and nice hotels.

jubilee walk

▶ Jubilee Walk

Embark on a journey across time, through Fort Canning, the Singapore River, the Civic District and Marina Bay, and watch the Singapore story unfold from ancient Temasek to the colonial era, nationhood, urban development and beyond.

the singapore river bridges

▶ Faces of the Past: The Singapore River Bridges

Discover fascinating facts about Cavenagh, Anderson and Elgin Bridges, three of the most historic and interesting bridges that span the Singapore River, and collectively, Singapore’s 73rd National Monument.

Heritage Fun

Eager to get cracking on a heritage activity at home? We’ve got you covered, with something for everyone in the family. Have fun, while learning more about our history and culture at the same time!

Singapore Heritage Festival Digital Edition

TCelebrate our heritage island-wide with food demonstrations and guided tours by our many community partners.

attack of the swordfish

Heritage Tales: Attack of the Swordfish

Want to be a part of a Singapore legend? Join our storyteller, Benjamin Kheng as he takes you on an adventure through time in this tale, ‘Attack of the Swordfish’.

conversation starter kit

▶ Conversation Starter Kit for Seniors

Running out of things to say after almost a week of staying at home? We can help! Engage in some cultural talk with our Conversation Starter Kit as your wingman! Simply use the pictures and questions to begin chatting to anyone in your house, or even through a video call!

home based learning project for 6 - 7 years old

▶ Home Based Learning Project for 6 - 7 Years Old

Our popular Heritage Explorers Programme for 7 to 12 year olds is now online! This home-based learning project lets children experience taking on different jobs in a museum, from the comfort of home. Complete the tasks, and collect a Heritage Explorers Badge when we reopen!

stay at home and recreate art

Stay Home and Re(create) Art

Take up our heritage cosplay challenge, and re(create) works of art from our collections with everyday, unexpected materials from your home!

A Narrow Escape: The Fearless Twins and the Magic Kaleido

Colouring Sheets from "A Narrow Escape: The Fearless Twins and the Magical Kaleido"

Try out these colouring sheets from the Preservation of Sites and Monuments’ very own publication, “A Narrow Escape: The Fearless Twins and the Magical Kaleido”, and enjoy some fun facts related to the featured National Monuments while you colour! Or let our storyteller take you through the book, with our online storytelling video.


Dive even deeper into Singapore’s art and culture at A List and indulge in the local arts, music, and creative scene. SG Culture – anywhere, anytime.

virtual art spaces to explore

Virtual Art Experiences to Explore

Stay indoors and explore the virtual worlds of art exhibitions. “Walk” through art galleries, look at priceless works of art up-close.

5 ways to stay indoors

5 Ways to Stay Home Without Feeling Stuck

We bring you a list of recommended performances to catch online, music to tune in to and a book to snuggle up with a good cuppa.

whats your pandemic persona

What;s Your Pandemic Persona?

There’s nothing like a major crisis to bring out the best and worst in us, and this COVID-19 pandemic is no different. Artists, in the meantime, have always been astute observers of the human condition. Can Southeast Asian art tell you what your pandemic persona is?

what to see watch and listen from home

What to See, Watch and Listen From Home #1

If you are staying home and looking for virtual experiences to stay inspired, the arts and culture scene online offers rich pickings.


Stay home for Singapore, together! Find out how to stay engaged and connected while being at home.