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Begin your journey into the fascinating sights, sounds, and stories of Singapore. Experience virtual guided tours, rare footage, exclusive interviews and much more – all from the comfort of your home.


Singapore Heritage Festival 2020

Celebrate our heritage island-wide with food demonstrations and guided tours by our many community partners. .

HCC building

Heritage Conservation Centre: Caring for the National Collection

Check out this mini-series for information on the HCC and its different departments. Learn about the work done behind the scenes by the team in caring for the National Collection.


From the Coromandel Coast to the Straits – Revisiting Our Tamil Heritage

The Indian Heritage Centre’s special exhibition reveals new facets of Tamil heritage, through a journey over 800 years of the experiences and evolution of Tamils in Singapore and the region.


Seekor Singa, Seorang Putera Dan Sebingkai Cermin: Reflecting & Refracting Singapura

In this Malay Heritage Centre's special exhibition, discover Singapore's maritime and cultural significance prior to British and Dutch occupation in the Malay Archipelago.


National Museum of Singapore: Colonial Singapore

The National Museum’s Singapore History Gallery chronicles our story over four major periods, and this video details Singapore’s time as a crown colony.


Faces of the Past: The Singapore River Bridges

Discover fascinating facts about Cavenagh, Anderson and Elgin Bridges, three of the most historic and interesting bridges that span the Singapore River, and collectively, Singapore’s 73rd National Monument.

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Look back at stories we've published in our Bicentennial year, 2019.
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BALIKSG - Reflections of Singapore

BalikSGExplore old Singapore in Augmented Reality with the BALIKSG app!