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Our National Collection

The Singapore Story Through 60 Objects

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Presenting 60 objects from Singapore's various National Collections, providing a sweeping overview of the story of Singapore from the colonial period to the present.


Pasir Ris Heritage Trail

Explore the history and heritage of Pasir Ris through the stories of the people who have lived, worked and played here, as well as the institutions they have built.


Thaipusam: A Journey of Devotion

Thaipusam is celebrated every year, primarily by Singapore’s Tamil Hindu community, on the full-moon day of the Tamil month of Thai.


Our History of Healthcare

Learn about the history and evolution of healthcare in Singapore from the 1800s to present day Singapore.


Street Names in Singapore

Street names often go beyond the role of conveying location and act as identifiers that carry historical significance.

Dive Deeper

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Look back at stories we've published in our Bicentennial year, 2019.
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BALIKSG - Reflections of Singapore

BalikSGExplore old Singapore in Augmented Reality with the BALIKSG app!