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  • BeMuse Volume 4, Issue 3

    BeMuse Vol 4 Issue 3

    We take a trip down memory lane by presenting to you a tribute to the iconic Singapore hangouts where fond memories are galore.

  • Singapore's Monuments & Landmarks: A Philatelic Ramble

    Singapore's Monuments & Landmarks: A Philatelic Ramble

    This book presents the various stamps which feature Singapore's landmarks of the past and present. It contains full-coloured, enlarged prints of the stamps, as well as interesting information about the natural and man-made landmarks in Singapore.

  • The Fearless Twins and the Magical Kaleido: A Narrow Escape

    Fearless Twins And The Magical Kaleido

    Take a ride with Toby, Tammy and their fun loving Uncle Al. Armed with an incredible magical device, the twins swop back in to Singapore in 1935. Set against the backdrop of Singapore’s most awe-inspiring buildings, the twins end up with an adventure they didn’t bargain for, but can’t escape from

  • The Singapore House 1819 - 1942

    The Singapore House 1819-1942

    The Singapore House is a comprehensive study of the various domestic architectural styles that thrived in Singapore from 1819 until the outbreak of the Pacific War - from English Georgian, Victorian Eclectic, Edwardian Baroque, Arts and Crafts and Modern International to home-grown Coarsened Classical.

  • BeMuse Volume 4, Issue 2

    BeMuse Vol 4 Issue 2

    From fabrics to artefacts, we uncover the beauty which lies beneath the surface, revealing fresh glimpses into the past and also plenty to look forward to in the future.

  • BeMuse Volume 4, Issue 1

    BeMuse Vol 4 Issue 1

    Themed ‘Exploring the World Through Artefacts: Discoveries from Afar and At Home’ this issue aims to inspire you to explore the many historic districts, monuments and museums that exist in Singapore.

  • BeMuse Volume 3, Issue 4

    BeMuse Vol 3 Issue 4

    This issue explores what sort of legacy we would like to leave for our future generations. This idea is aptly captured in the articles on Pompeii, on one of the Singapore’s pioneer artists, Cheong Soo Pieng, and on the Contemporary Art.

  • BeMuse Volume 3, Issue 3

    BeMuse Vol 3 Issue 3

    This issue celebrates the diverse heritage of ours and highlights the many hidden treasures lying in our backyard waiting to be discovered. You will soon realise that the tree biodiversity found in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is comparable with that of the entire North American continent!

  • Attack Of The Swordfish And Other Singapore Tales

    Attack Of The Swordfish And Other Singapore Tales

    These six illustrated tales for early Primary children are all based on Singapore legends or traditions. A glossary and suggestions for activities or visits accompany each story. An attractive presentation drawn from the often over-looked local heritage.

  • Discover Singapore Heritage Trails

    Discover Singapore Heritage Trails

    The National Heritage Board outlines five walking trails through areas of Singapore where there are many evidences of the country's history and diverse heritage, together with two nature trails through the Labrador and Kent Ridge park reserves.

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