Heritage Corners - National Heritage Board's Heritage Education Programmes

National Heritage Board partners with various schools to create School Heritage Corners, in hopes of cultivating an appreciation for Singapore’s heritage through interactive means on school campuses. ITE College Central’s Heritage Corner and Kuo Chuan Primary School’s Heritage Gallery are examples of such initiatives that encourage students’ participation in presenting and learning about the heritage of Singapore.

NHB's Heritage Education Programmes aim to instill a love for heritage, as well as make heritage and museums fun, enjoyable and relevant for our young, starting from pre-school all the way to tertiary.

The Heritage Education Programmes encourage students to go beyond the confines of their classrooms and the formal school curriculum to experience and discover our history and heritage in a meaningful manner. The programmes are also ways for educators to be creative in using our heritage programmes as teaching tools to complement existing subjects such as CCE, History and Social Studies.

Read more at: https://www.nhb.gov.sg/education/resources-for-schools-and-students