Passport issued by Republic of India, belonging to Parmjit Singh

Itinerant merchants from India often travelled to Singapore and Malaya on business in the 20th century as movement within British colonies was considerably hassle-free. Similarly, this passport issued by representative government of India in Malaya, allowed the passport bearer to travel to Burma, Ceylon, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaya. The owner of this passport, Mr Parmjit Singh’s father, Mr Jagir Singh, was the Director of Friends and Co, Singapore, a sporting goods company established after World War II at 79 Stamford Road, and involved in the import and export of sporting goods and indoor games. In fact, sporting goods were imported from Northern India (Punjab) by Punjabi sporting goods businesses in Singapore, responding to the rampant sporting hobby of the community.

4 June 1950
India and Malaya
Object size: 15.0 x 10.3 x 0.8 cm
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Collection of
Indian Heritage Centre
Credit Line
Gift of Mr Parmjit Singh
Documents and Paper