The 1988 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) opening ceremony at the National Stadium

The 1988 edition of the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF), an annual event for promoting student involvement in non-academic activities, was officially launched on 9 July 1988 in a grand opening ceremony held at the National Stadium. The ceremony, which was presided over by then Minister for Education Dr. Tony Tan, included the following performance items: a flashcard display of 13 murals created by 5,200 students; a combined uniform groups parade led by the National Cadet Corps; a flag drill conducted by over 1,400 boys; a fan dance involving some 1,000 girls; a nine-band combined display with 150 female dancers; and a 2,200-strong choir singing patriotic numbers.The inaugural SYF was launched on 18 July 1967 by then President Yusof Ishak at the Jalan Besar Stadium. Organised by the Ministry of Education, the two-week long event was meant to showcase the talents of Singapore’s youths and saw the participation of 24,000 students from primary and secondary schools. The festival expanded over the years to include musical performances, art-and-craft exhibitions, and athletic events. In 1994, then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong elevated the SYF to the status of a national event. The annual festival remains a regular fixture on the national school calendar.

9 July 1988
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