Wayang beber painting

This is part of a set of 'wayang beber' scrolls that was painted by Tugiman Hardisuwarno, a painter from the royal court in Solo.This scroll depicts two scenes from the story of Dewi Sekartaji and Joko Kembang Kuning. The scene on the left shows Prabu Klono reporting to Prabu Browijoyo claiming that he is the one who found Dewi Sekartaji and to prove it he must face Tawangalun in a fight. The second scene shows Prabu Klono furious when he learns that his sister has failed in the marriage proposal and orders Ki Kebon Laradan to fight Tawangalun.'Wayang beber' is thought to be the earliest form of Javanese traditional theatre tradition. The scrolls illustrating the story are unrolled gradually as the 'dalang' or narrator tells the story. The content of the story is taken from the Panji romances set in the East Javanese kingdoms.

Artist Name
Tugiman Hardisuwarno
Surakarta, Java, Indonesia
Image size: 199.8 x 68 cm
Accession No.
Pigment on cotton, starch primer
Collection of
Asian Civilisations Museum
Credit Line
Collection of the Asian Civilisations Museum

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