White porcelain saucer with Milo and Nescafé logos

Established in Germany in 1905, the Nestlé Company’s range of products includes Milo and Nescafé. Milo, a chocolate malt drink, was introduced in 1921, and Nescafé instant coffee in 1938. While most ‘kopitiams’ (coffee shops) served coffee and tea originating from the region, Western products such as Milo and Nescafé became popular household products in Singapore during the mid-20th century.This is a porcelain saucer typically used for serving hot coffee and tea, often drunk with sugar and condensed milk. Customers would cool their beverage by pouring it into the saucer and drinking from it. Porcelain cups and saucers bearing floral motif prints or logos of the tea and coffee suppliers were distributed by the beverage companies together with coffee powder and tea leaves.

Late 20th century
Singapore and Malaysia
Object size: H2.4 x Diameter 14.2 cm
Accession No.
Collection of
National Museum of Singapore
Folklife Collection

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