Mobile shrine

Shrines such as these were carried by devotees of various gods on padayatra, the vow of walking to the shrine of the favourite deity with a mobile shrine on their heads. This shrine has two shutters with paintings of Hanuman (below right), Sarasvati (upper right) and Garuda (below left), Ganesha (upper left), thus declaring that this shrine was used by a Vishnu devotee for worship of Vishnu. It has two main arched compartments for placing the icons inside with smaller sections for drawers on the upper part of the box. On one side of the shrine Vishnu’s incarnations are represented, namely Krishna in Kaliyadamana pose (below) and enthroned Rama with Sita, Lakshana and Hanuman (above).

19th century
Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, south India
Object size: L 45.5 x W 24 x H 54
Accession No.
Wood, polychrome paint
Collection of
Asian Civilisations Museum

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