Oval Coca Cola tray

Coca Cola company began to distribute tin serving trays to soda fountains in 1897 and continued to produce them till 1968. After 1970s they began to re-issue older trays and in newer materials such as this one. While early trays were round, oval and then rectangular trays were introduced in 1910. The original image of a lady in a yellow dress sitting on a wicker basket holding a soda fountain glass of coca-cola in her left hand was first created in 1916. Reproduced on serving trays known as “Elaine tray" the advertisement text read Drink Coca-Cola, Delicious and Refreshing. These images were popular because of the women who were usually shown wearing Victorian and flapper dresses and later even bathing suits.

Acquired in Singapore
Object size: 1.1 x 26.8 x 32.0 cm
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Collection of
National Museum of Singapore
Folklife Collection