The Jiho was hung on the front of the shophouse of descendents of Tan Kheam Hock’s residence at 35 Devonshire Road. Jihos are signboards that were hung in the front of places of business and homes with the name of the family carved in. This jiho is heavily gilded and lacquered in black. Clouds are carved into the body of the jiho. It is resting on two small carved winged lions also heavily gilded.Tan Kheam Hock was a prominent Peranakan Chinese from Penang who made his wealth in finance and banking. In Singapore, he was a Municipal Councillor, Justice of Peace, member of the Chinese Advisory Panel, the Straits Chinese British Association and Chairman of the Eastern United Assurance Cooperation. Most importantly, in his time as Municipal Councillor, he conceptualised the setting aside of Bukit Brown as a public cemetery for all Chinese irrespective of dialect together with See Tiong Wah and other Hokkien community leaders

Early 20th century
Object size: 62.5 x 124 x 3 cm
Accession No.
Gilded wood
Collection of
Peranakan Museum