Stamford Road - 1961 to 1984

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CPIB Case Chap Ji Kee
In 1961, the CPIB was given its own office at Stamford Road, which continued to be CPIB’s headquarters for the following 23 years. The Stamford Road office was a 3-storey building and nicknamed the ‘White House’ not because of the colour of the building but because the public saw CPIB as a symbol of absolute authority against corruption, keeping our country and government clean.

In 1981, the Prevention of Corruption Act (which was enacted in 1960) underwent extensive revision and CPIB officers were empowered with more investigative powers to combat corruption more effectively. The Bureau also started gaining recognition for solving multiple high profile corruption cases, and was renowned for its impeccable operational methods and efficiency. One such case was about 67 police officers who were implicated for their involvement in illegal gambling syndicates.