Maha Sasana Ramsi Burmese Buddhist Temple

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Maha Sasana Ramsi Burmese Buddhist Temple
The design of the new temple followed advice from Burmese architects to reflect its historical ties to the country. The tiered roof is adorned by woodcarvings made from 19 tonnes of Burmese teak and there ia golden pagoda on the roof which houses a Sima House for religious discussions and ceremonies. 

On the temple walls are figurines of tha-djarmin, a King of celestial deities who is also the Guardian of Buddha Sasana. A number of Burmese cultural and religious artefacts are displayed on the third floor, where there is also a mural depicting the history of the temple. One striking sculpture also depicts a Panca Rupa. 

During Buddhist festivals, the temple welcomes a large gathering of worshippers. One of the most important festivals is Thingyan, the Burmese New Year, which usually falls in mid-April.