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  • Refurbishment of Bukit Brown Cemetery Gates

    Bukit Brown Gates 2

    NHB commissioned Fusion Clad Precision to refurbish the four cast iron gates at the entrance of Bukit Brown Cemetery. The process took six months and was completed in August 2016.

  • P Ramlee

    P Ramlee in the 1960s

    P Ramlee is considered one of the biggest icons of the Malay film industry during the golden era of cinema in Singapore and Malaysia. The multi-talented entertainment extraordinaire first made his mark in Singapore and excelled in his career as an actor, singer, songwriter and director. P Ramlee was also highly popular in the region (Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia), and was recognised for his craft at several Asian Film Festival awards.

  • Haji Hashim Haji Abdullah

    Haji Hashim Haji Abdullah

    Bridging the gap between education and knowledge and the Malay/Muslim community, Haji Hashim Bin Haji Abdullah was more than a bookstore owner – he wrote a chapter of the history of Singapore Malays with the longevity of his humble bookstore.

  • S R Nathan

    SR Nathan

    Often affectionately referred to as the People’s President, Mr. Nathan was the sixth and longest-serving President in Singapore, in office for two terms, from 1999 to 2011. He was conferred the nation’s highest award – The Order of Temasek, First Class for his outstanding contributions to the country in public service.

  • Lim Kim San

    Portrait of Lim Kim San

    Better known as ‘Mr. HDB’ to many, Lim Kim San was the first Chairman of Housing and Development Board from 1960, before he became the Minister for National Development in 1963. He was also the first Minister of Finance of the Republic of Singapore and has held portfolios in the fields of environment, education and defence.

  • The Tale of Three Lighthouses

    Boat Quay with the Fort Canning Lighthouse visible in the background

    This tale of the three lighthouses depicts the story of navigational infrastructure, such as lighthouses, evolving alongside the city state’s development.

  • Zubir Said

    Zubir Said in an interview in 1957

    Zubir Said is among Singapore’s most prominent music composers and songwriters. Affectionately addressed by many as Pak Zubir, he is has composed over 1,500 songs, comprising film songs, popular songs and national songs. He is best known as the composer of the National Anthem of Singapore, "Majulah Singapura".

  • Baharuddin Ariff

    Baharuddin Ariff

    Although his name is almost unheard of, and is potentially lost in the pages of Singapore’s history, there is no denying that Baharuddin Mohd Ariff was an integral piece to our nation’s story.

  • Still Standing

    Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert Hall

    Singapore is all gleaming spires and sleek edifices today, but back in the day when these were rarer, she achieved a different type of architectural feat.

  • Attack of the Swordfish

    Attack of the Swordfish

    This tale is based on a Singaporean legend and is meant for early Primary school children .This story first appeared 'Attack Of The Swordfish And Other Singapore Tales' by Charlotte Lim (Text) and Alicia Tan Yen Ping (Illustration).

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