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  • Collections Care: Staying Relevant in Changing Times, ASEAN & Beyond

    Collection Cares cover

    Collections Care: Staying Relevant in Changing Times, ASEAN & Beyond is a 3-day conference organised by Heritage Conservation Centre. Focusing on cross-disciplinary nature of collections care, the conference aims to contextualise challenges and solutions through shared experiences, and to celebrate advancements, while strengthening and forging relationships within the profession.

  • Developing Heritage Corners - A Guide

    Heritage Corners

    A step-by-step guide on developing a heritage corner from setting objectives to maintaining the area.

  • Heritage Trails: A Practical Guide To Action

    Heritage Trails Book

    A heritage trail is a journey through a series of historical sites and places with the aim of discovering an area's history, culture, architecture, and flora and fauna. Trail explorers can make the journey on foot, on a bike and/or via public transport like buses or the MRT.

  • I Love Museums Guide - October to December 2016


    Our I Love Museums Guide is a handy booklet that details our exhibitions and programmes for your easy reference. Please click on the image to access the October to December 2016 edition.

  • Heritage Along Footpaths

    Heritage Along Footpaths logo

    This e-book showcases five traditional trades that were once a common sight along five-foot-ways as well as their key characteristics.

  • Hotel New World

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    This e-book traces the collapse of the Hotel New World and its rescue operations, and outlines the causes of the collapse as well as the measures adopted as a result of the collapse.

  • Traditional Provision Shops

    Traditional Provision Shop logo

    This e-book provides a brief overview of traditional provision shops, their unique characteristics as well as the histories of selected traditional provision shops.

  • Void Decks

    Void Decks logo

    This e-books highlights the history and common features of void decks as well as the functions held at and the facilities found in void decks.

  • Wet Markets

    Wet Markets logo

    This e-books explores the history of wet markets, their unique characteristics and challenges as well as the histories of selected wet markets.

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