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  • BeMuse Volume 6, Issue 3

    BeMuse Vol 6 Issue 3

    This issue celebrates the 20th anniversary of the National Heritage Board and we have chosen to do by charting 20 milestones, spanning the museums, heritage institutions, exhibitions, trails and festivals that the NHB has launched and nurtured over two decades.

  • BeMuse Volume 6, Issue 2

    BeMuse Vol 6 Issue 2

    Through events and efforts such as the Singapore HeritageFest and our community heritage trails, Singaporeans are coming forth to share their experiences and enrich our collective knowledge of various neighbourhoods and other lesser-known nooks around the island.

  • BeMuse Volume 5, Issue 4

    BeMuse Vol 5 Issue 4

    The articles featured in this issue showcase the best of human effort in transforming each generation with their creativity, passion and inspiration.

  • BeMuse Volume 5, Issue 3

    BeMuse Vol 5 Issue 3

    This issue is dedicated to each and every one of us who calls Singapore home no matter where we may be living, studying or working.

  • BeMuse Volume 5, Issue 2

    BeMuse Vol 5 Issue 2

    Through the years, the cheongsam has evolved together with social, economic and political landscapes. It is now donned throughout the world, from silver screen sirens and female political figures to women from all walks of life.

  • BeMuse Volume 5, Issue 1

    BeMuse Vol 5 Issue 1

    This issue commemorates an important chapter of Singapore’s history - the 70th Anniversary of the Battle for Singapore.

  • Decoration and Symbolism in Chinese Architecture

    Decorate and Symbolism in Chinese Architecture

    Unlock the hidden meanings behind the decorative symbols and architectural designs found in historic Chinese buildings in Singapore.

  • Faiths of Our Forefathers: The Religious Monuments of Singapore

    Faiths of Our Forefathers

    The Religious Monuments of Singapore takes a fascinating look into the architecture and history of twenty of Singapore's treasured religious monuments. Each monument is rendered in a detailed illustration revealing the building's interior and accompanied by an informative outline of the architectural features.

  • In Granite and Chunam: The National Monuments of Singapore

    In Granite and Chunam

    Granite and Chunam: two of the commonly-employed materials in the early buildings of Singapore, and indeed, used in the construction of many of its national monuments.

  • Resonance: Songs of Our Forefathers

    Resonance: Songs of Our Forefathers

    Featuring 24 of Singapore's National Monuments, PMB's photography book introduces both iconic and lesser known monuments through the artistic expressions of a team of photographers led by avid photographer Kwek Leng Joo.

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