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  • Muse SG Volume 9, Issue 1

    MUSE SG Vol 9 Issue 1

    This issue profiles 12 individuals for The Stories Behind the Jubilee Walk, showcases intimate life stories and each is interwoven with the histories of our iconic sites, offering greater insight to how far modern-day Singapore has come from its past.

  • Muse SG Volume 8, Issue 3

    Muse SG Volume 8, Issue 3

    This issue focuses on the Singapore River and its place both in our history and current historical precinct. The recently launched Singapore River Walk highlights the various historic sites and the various individuals and communities who lived and worked by the river.

  • Family Time: Jubilee Walk Activity Sheet

    Family Time Jubilee Walk Worksheet

    Specially developed for kids from Primary 1 - 3, this activity sheet encourages family to enjoy exploring historic places along the Jubilee Walk. This initiative is brought to you by the ECO Education team in partnership with MOE’s CCEB (Character and Citizenship Branch).

  • Muse SG Volume 8, Issue 2

    Muse Vol 8 Issue 2

    This issue tells the story of museums in Singapore and explores how they represent the heart of our community.

  • Muse SG Volume 8, Issue 1

    Muse Vol 8 Issue 1

    This magazine is about all of us — a collective, common heritage that connects all Singaporeans. A part of who we are.

  • Family Time: Guide to the Museums for Parents/Guardians

    Family Time Guide to the Museums for Parents and Guardians

    This initiative suggests meaningful activities that parents and children can engage in at the museums.

  • Fantastic Creatures: Asian Civilisations Museum Activity Sheet

    Asian Civilisations Museum Fantastic Creatures Worksheet

    Embark on an adventure with your family and discover the various fantastic creatures at the Asian Civilisations Museum.

  • Malay Heritage Centre Family Activity Sheet

    Malay Heritage Centre Worksheet

    Learn more about the historic Kampong Gelam area with your family through this fun activity sheet developed for the Malay Heritage Centre.

  • Singapura 700 Years: Family Activity Sheet

    NMS Worksheet for Singapura 700

    This activity sheet was developed to accompany SINGAPURA: 700 Years exhibition at National Museum of Singapore from 28 Oct 2014 - 10 Aug 2015.

  • Peranakan Mania: Family Activity Sheet

    Peranakan Museum Worksheet

    Go on an adventure as a family and discover interesting aspects of Peranakan life!

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