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  • Alamkara: 5000 Years of Indian Art

    Alamkara 5000 Years of Indian Art

    Alamkara: 5000 Years of Indian Art explore the notion of ornamentation in the context of objects made for use in domestic, religious and courtly settings.

  • Asian Civilisations Museum A-Z guide (2nd Edition)

    Asian Civilisations Museum A-Z guide (2nd Edition)

    This guide unravels the collection of Asian Civilisations Museum to showcase art and artefacts from 5000 years of civilisation in Asia.

  • Chinese Snuff Bottles - From the Sanctum of Enlightened Respect III

    Chinese Snuff Bottles

    This book is the third catalogue of the vast Denis Low collection of snuff bottles, which numbers more than 1000. Its publication coincides with an exhibition of 355 snuff bottles from this world-renowned collection at the Asian Civilisations Museum of Singapore from July to November 2007.

  • Collecting Memories

    Collecting Memories

    The Asian Civilisations Museum first opened its doors to the public in 1997. The museum was housed in the old Tao Nan School building, which was built between 1910-1912.

  • Eternal Egypt: Treasures from the British Museum

    Eternal Egypt

    This catalogue has been written to accompany the special loan exhibition "Egyptian Treasures from the British Museum", which was mounted first in the Hong Kong Museum of Art and later in the Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore. The exhibition contains over 120 artefacts specially selected to illustrated major aspects of Egyptian art and culture.

  • From the Land of the Ottoman Sultans

    From The Land of the Ottoman Sultans

    This catalogue, published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at the Asian Civilisations Museum, features some of the exquisite and remarkable examples of the Ottoman legacy.

  • Gilding the Phoenix - The Straits Chinese and Their Jewellery

    Gilding the Phoenix

    During the hundred years between 1850 and 1950, Southeast Asia was the site of the birth, growth and decline of a unique community - that of the Straits Chinese or Peranakans. During that time, this community found themselves at the nexus of the Chinese, Malay, European and Indian worlds, with Chinese migrants adapting to the cosmopolitan environment in which they found themselves. The story of the Peranakans and their art is told against an examination of their most valuable possessions - the incredible jewels which they commissioned for everyday and ceremonial use.

  • Journey of Faith: Art & History from the Vatican Collections

    Journey of Faith: Art & History from the Vatican Collections

    This catalogue includes historical information on the beliefs and development of Christianity from its Asian origins as well as impressive illustrations of many of the exhibits in the accompanying exhibition held at the Asian Civilisations Museum.

  • Museum-Community Partnerships: The Role of ASEAN Museums in the 21st Century

    Museum-Community Partnerships--The Role of ASEAN Museums in the 21st Century

    Over the past 30 years, museums around the world have increasingly recognised the importance of understanding and engaging the communities they represent. Public accountability and sustainability are motivating factors for this, but fundamentally it is the recognition that museums are essential for the well-being of society, which has strengthened these relations.

  • On the Nalanda Trail

    On the Nalanda Trail

    Published to accompany the exhibition at Singapore's Asian Civilisations Museum, this account of early Buddhism includes introductory essays on: the Nalanda Trail and Buddhism's early years in India, China and Southeast Asia; Nalanda as a centre of education, art and Buddhist dissemination; and on Examining early Buddhist materials from Srivijaya.

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