Online Exhibitions

  • In Memoriam: Lee Kuan Yew 1923 - 2015

    In Memoriam: Lee Kuan Yew 1923 - 2015

    This memorial exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore chronicles the life and political career of Singapore’s first Prime Minister and founding father Lee Kuan Yew.

  • The League Against Evil: A DC Super Heroes Exhibition

    The League Against Evil: A DC Super Heroes Exhibition

    Learn about the history and origins of DC Comics and the "World's Greatest Super Heroes"-SUPERMAN, BATMAN and WONDER WOMAN, and the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA.

  • A Changed World: Singapore Art 1950s - 1970s

    A Changed World

    A Changed World explores the development of Singapore art in light of the rapid changes that took place in Singapore after World War II. It charts the artists' own engagement with changes in Singapore's political, economic, social and urban landscape, and how they expressed their responses through their art.

  • Seeing is Believing: Unusual Stamps Exhibition

    Seeing is Believing: Unusual Stamps Exhibition

    Have you seen stamps that are made of materials other than paper? Come and view a display of unusual stamps from the museum's permanent collection from Singapore and overseas. Discover quirky features on these little treasures that tickle your five senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch.

  • Spice is Nice

    Spice is Nice

    "Spice is Nice" exhibition traces the voyages of discovery, spice trade, colonisation, migration pattern, life in early Singapore, traditional cures and flavours of regional cuisine.

  • Devotion and Desire - Cross-Cultural Art in Asia

    Devotion and Desire - Cross-Cultural Art in Asia

    When cultures come together, distinctive works of art are created. This exhibition reveals new directions for the Asian Civilisations Museum, which has recently focused on building understanding of the diverse cultures of Asia. The objects reveal surprising connections between Asian cultures, and between Asia and the wider world.

  • Trading Stories: Conversations with Six Pioneering Tradesmen

    Trading Stories: Conversations with Six Pioneering Tradesmen

    Trading Stories: Conversations with Six Pioneering Tradesmen draws on firsthand accounts of six tradesmen and community contributions to provide fresh insights on old trades of Singapore. In spotlighting the lives of the six individuals and placing their contemporary accounts at the heart of storytelling.

  • Exhibitions Online - Indian Trade Textiles

    Indian Trade Textile

    In the 17th and 18th centuries, millions of yards of cloth a year were produced in the Indian subcontinent and traded to Asia, the Islamic lands, and Europe. Patterns of Trade: Indian Textiles for Export 1400 - 1900 explores the significant influence of Indian cloth on early trade and later textile design through over seventy Indian trade textiles from the Asian Civilisations Museum's collection. This exhibition marks the first time that a major part of this important collection has been shown to the public.

  • Exhibitions Online - Home History Nation

    Exhibitions Online - Home History Nation

    Negotiating Home, History and Nation presents work by fifty-four seminal artists from six Southeast Asian countries. This extensive two-decade survey gives audiences the opportunity to form a cogent picture of the common threads linking recent Southeast Asian art practices. However diverse the cultures and national structures of the countries of Southeast Asia, the exhibition highlights regional artists' common purpose in their exploration of topics such as nation-building, history, memory, urbanisation, and religious and gender discourses.

  • Exhibitions Online - Biennale 2011

    Exhibitions Online - Biennale 2011

    The online exhibition features only a selection of works from the Singapore Art Museum, SAM at 8Q and the National Museum of Singapore. The third Singapore Biennale, titled Open House, features works by 63 artist from 30 countries. The theme examines the often fiercely guarded boundaries betweem public and private, and the manner in which difference may be bridged through interaction and exchange.

  • Exhibitions Online - Liu Kang

    Exhibitions Online - Liu Kang

    Liu Kang - A Centennial Celebration, 29 July - 16 October 2011 -- Lui Kang is one of the most influential artists of his generation in Singapore. He is not only a prolific artist, but also an active leader in pushing the development of art in Singapore through theoretical, political and educational engagements with visual art. Elements of art and tradition from different regions - Europe, Southeast Asia and China - come together in Liu Kang's art. Although he painted chiefly in oil, a medium in the Western tradition, he followed the traditional practice of Chinese ink painting and is also influenced by batik in the use of bold outlines and broad colour fields. We see a fusion of styles from different cultures in Liu Kang's works, of which is anchored in Southeast Asian context. Through this exhibition, visitors are invited to go on a journey of exploration into the mind and life of the artist as he assumed multiple roles in his artistic life.

  • Exhibitions Online - Thrice Upon A Time

    Thrice upon a Time virtual

    Thrice Upon A Time takes a contemporary look at the very old notions of stories and storytelling in the Philippines, and highlights the role of the artist as storyteller.

  • Exhibitions Online - Land of the Morning

    Land of the Morning virtual

    An exploration of the material culture of the Philippines that looks at the diverse components of Filipino identity and shows how these different cultural steams manifest themselves in contemporary Filipino identity and material culture.

  • Exhibitions Online - Treasury of the World

    treasury of the world

    'Treasury of the World - Jewelled Arts of India in the Age of the Mughals' features over 400 exquisite pieces of Mughal jewelry from the al-Sabaj Collection, Kuwait.

  • Exhibitions Online - Classic Contemporary

    Classic Contemporary art

    This exhibition shines the spotlight on Singapore Art Museum's (SAM) most iconic contemporary artworks in its collection. By playfully asking what makes a work of art "classic" or " contemporary" – or "classic contemporary" – this accessible and quirky exhibition aims to introduce new audiences to the ideas and art forms of contemporary art.

  • Exhibitions Online - Ramayana Revisited

    Exhibitions Online - Ramayana Revisited

    Welcome to the exhibition 'Ramayana Revisited' and enter the world of epic characters where the line between fiction and reality dissolves.

  • Exhibitions Online - The Story of Yeh Chi Wei

    Exhibitions Online - The Story of Yeh Chi Wei

    This exhibition is the first comprehensive overview of Yeh's practice since his demise. Using works by Yeh and the Ten Men Group artists, many of which are seen for the first time, this show throws light on an enigmatic artist and his fascinating body of works.

  • Exhibitions Online - Congo River

    Exhibitions Online - Congo River

    Hailing from the dense rainforests and windswept savannahs of Central Africa, the peoples of the vast Congo River basin share a rich cultural heritage. Explore their art in the form of heart-shaped masks, ancestor veneration, and female figures in the savannah from three Central African countries: Gabon, the Republic of Congo, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Exhibitions Online - Cheong Soo Pieng: Bridging Worlds

    Exhibitions Online - Cheong Soo Pieng: Bridging Worlds

    One of the most experimental and influential Southeast Asian artists of his generation, Cheong Soo Pieng produced works that pushed the boundaries of art-makaing throughout his lifetime. The exhibition Cheong Soo Pieng: Bridging Worlds celebrates the remarkable achievements of this master artist, and examines his process of art-making as well as his sources of influence and inspiration.

  • Exhibitions Online - Sarong Kebaya

    Exhibitions Online - Sarong Kebaya

    Explore the sarong kebaya, favoured fashion of Peranakan women for generations in this special exhibition. This visual feast traces the evolution of the kebaya from its roots in 16th century islamic garments through its development across Southeast Asia.

  • Exhibitions Online - Shipwrecked: Tang Treasures and Monsoon Winds


    In 1998, a fisherman diving for sea cucumbers off the coast of Belitung, an island in the Java Sea, made an unexpected discovery of an ancient cargo. This exhibition celebrates one of the most important archaelogical finds of the late twentieth century.