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  • Dondang Sayang

    peranakan dondang sayang

    Dondang sayang is a musical and poetic art form, involving the singing of pantun, or four-line verses. In a performance, two singers would typically try to outwit each other in an amicable and teasing manner on topics such as love or good deeds.

  • Dikir Barat

    Dikir barat is a popular source of entertainment for the Malay community in Singapore.

  • Chinese Puppetry

    chinese puppetry

    Chinese puppetry (also known as puppet theatre) is performed in various Chinese dialects, depending on the region it originated from, with sponsors, puppeteers, and audiences congregating based on their native dialect and hometown.

  • Wayang Peranakan

    Wayang peranakan is a theatre form that was derived from bangsawan, a type of Malay theatre, in the early 20th century. It is performed by the Chinese Peranakan in the Baba Malay language.

  • Jinkli Nona Song and Branyo Dance

    Ms Valerie Scully, the former director of the Kristang Cultural Troupe.

    Fair Maiden, Fair Maiden, I want to marry you! So begins the courting song, Jinkli Nona. Colourful and teeming with energy, Jinkli Nona, as a song, is commonly associated with branyo, a dance performed by the Eurasian community in Singapore.

  • Getai

    A getai stage performance

    Getai (歌台) translates literally from Chinese as “song stage” and is a form of vernacular entertainment involving live performances of music, song, and dance.

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