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  • Eye in the Sky - Dakota Crescent Estate

    Dakota Crescent

    The eighth episode of NHB's "Eye in the Sky" series uses aerial videography to capture the unique layout, open spaces and key features of the Dakota Crescent estate.

  • Presents: Amoy & Fuzhou: A History in Paintings

    Chinese Export Paintings thumbnail

    Amoy and Fuzhou, the subjects of many late 19th century Chinese export paintings, make up a fair bit of Singapore's history. What did these three places/provinces have in common for a shared past?

  • Eye in the Sky - Yueh Hai Ching Temple

    Eye in the Sky Coney Island

    The seventh episode of NHB's "Eye in the Sky" series is a collaboration with Mr Ang Yik Han and Mr Victor Yue, and uses aerial videography to showcase the features, figures and tableaus found on local Chinese temple Yueh Hai Ching’s roof, walls, columns and beams.

  • Presents: The Hongs of Canton

    hongs of canton

    Retrace the history of trade between China and the West through intricate paintings on the 'hong bowl'.

  • Presents: The Mythical Origins of Singapura

    Mythical Origins of Singapura thumbnail

    There are many mysteries surrounding the Kingdom of Singapura. Connect the dots as we retrace history to unravel 'The Mythical Origins of Singapura'.

  • Tales from Telok Ayer

    Tales from Telok Ayer

    Telok Ayer Street is one of the oldest roads in Singapore and was once the coastline and the first landing point for migrants who arrived by sea.

  • Eye in the Sky - Coney Island

    Eye in the Sky Coney Island

    Located off the northern coast of Singapore, there is a 100-hectare island historically known as Pulau Serangoon. During the late 1930s, the newspapers referred to it as "Haw Par Island" after the Haw Par brothers built a beach villa there — the only known residence in Singapore remaining from the Har Par family.

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