1. National Monuments are structures and buildings that possess national, historical, social and architectural merit, and are protected by the Preservation of Monuments Act.
    The Museum Roundtable (MR) comprises a collective of over 50 public and private museums, heritage galleries and unique attractions in Singapore.
    Marked Historic Sites are historically significant places associated with important events, communities or personalities.
    This section covers buildings, structures, sites and landscape features in Singapore of architectural, historical or cultural interest.



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  • Esplanade Park Memorials

    Esplanade Park Memorials

    At Esplanade Park are Tan Kim Seng Fountain, the Cenotaph, and Lim Bo Seng Memorial. These three memorials were gazetted collectively as a National Monument.

    Architecture, Culture & Community, War, National History
  • Custom House, Maxwell Road

    Custom House, Maxwell Road

    Custom House is representative of the style and architecture of buildings designed by the PWD under the leadership of Frank Domington Ward, the Chief Architect. The original design of the building was centred on a courtyard partially surroundod by rooms with ample windows to allow for light and air. This concept worked well in Singapore's climate before the days of air conditioning.

    Architecture, National History
  • Former St James Power Station

    Former St James Power Station

    The Former Saint James Power Station was the first coal-fired power station on the island. While the building no longer produces electricity, it remains a standing monument to Singapore’s modernisation and urban development during the colonial era.

    Architecture, National History
  • Bowyer Block

    Bowyer Block

    Bowyer Block is a standing reminder of the marked improvements in medical facilities during the 1920s. It is also a memorial to those who had given their lives to public healthcare services in Singapore, and in particular, Dr John H. Bowyer.

    Architecture, National History, Healthcare
  • Former Keng Teck Whay Building

    Former Keng Teck Whay Building

    The Former Keng Teck Whay Building building stands as a witness to the presence and contributions of the Hokkien Peranakans (Straits Chinese) in colonial Singapore and to the community spirit of mutual aid among the pioneers.

    Culture & Community, Architecture, National History
  • Former Raffles College (now NUS Campus at Bukit Timah)

    Former Raffles College (now NUS Campus at Bukit Timah)

    As the first college for the arts and sciences in British Malaya, the campus bears testimony to the commitment of the British Administration and philanthropists to provide quality tertiary education for the locals.

    Culture & Community, Architecture, National History
  • Church of St Teresa

    Church of St Teresa

    Originally constructed for the spiritual needs of the Hokkien-speaking Catholics living in the town area, this magnificent edifice testifies to the religious and architectural contributions of Catholic missionaries, and also the growth of the local Chinese Catholic community in the early twentieth century.

    Culture & Community, Architecture, National History
  • Former Command House

    Command House

    The stately Former Command House's role in Singapore’s military history was of paramount importance, especially at the dawn of the Second World War in Asia in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

    Architecture, War, National History
  • Central Sikh Temple

    Central Sikh Temple

    Also known as the Wadda Gurdwara, this Sikh temple was the first set up in a bungalow at Queen Street in 1912. The temple is now relocated at Towner Road.

    Culture & Community, National History
  • BCA Gallery

    BCA Gallery

    BCA Gallery showcases Singapore's unique and distinctive built environment. As the nation's champion for a safe, high-quality, sustainable and friendy built environment, BCA's milestone achievements and major ongoing initiatives are highlighted in the gallery. There are interactive multi-media displays bringing visitors throught the past, present and future of Singapore's built environment.

    National History
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