Dodot sarong

This dodot is created in central Java’s typical batik colours of soga brown and cream, and contains a hand drawn diagonal pattern of interlocking spirals known as the parang rusak, or broken knife. The pattern was a ‘reserved pattern’ only worn by royalty, meant to symbolise protection for the Javanese rulers. The dodot is a large ceremonial hip wrapper, commonly worn over trousers in central Javanese courts. This piece is part of a set of Javanese aristocratic dress, and includes a European style military jacket, patola trousers, a cotton belt, and hats; it is representative of cross-cultural Javanese court dressing in the 20th century.

early 20th century
Java, Solo
Gross measurement: 96.2 x 157.0 cm (Open), Gross measurement: 96.2 x 49.5 cm (Folded)
Accession No.
Cotton (drawn batik)
Collection of
Peranakan Museum
Garments and Accessories