Brocade Sari

This sari is a superb example of Gujarati brocade weaving. Gujarat was a major centre of textile manufacture and trade, and Gujarati brocades were of fine design and craftsmanship. Although weaving has a long history in the region, many techniques and motifs were brought in from Persia during the reign of the Mughals. Weaving centres such as Ahmedabad and Surat continued production up till the 20th century, incorporating new designs into their repertoire based on changing fashion and tastes.This sari with its foliate pattern in zari (gilt thread) with a contrasting border, is a typical feature of Gujarati brocade. This sari would have likely been woven for an upper-class family, based on the finesse of the weaving and the amount of zari used. The name of the weaver is also woven onto one edge of the sari.

20th century
Gujarat, India
Object size: 426.4 x 118.0 cm
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Indian Heritage Centre