Yong Bamboo and Rock

As one of the most influential pioneer artists in local art scene, Fan Chang Tien(1907-1987) was significant in shaping the direction for the modern development of ink painting in Singapore. During the 1920s, Fan studied in Shanghai Xin Hua Art Academy and then Shanghai Changming Academy of Art. He was taught by renowned Shanghai school artists such as Wang Geyi, Wang Yiting, Zhu Wenyun and Pan Tianshou. Fan arrived in Singapore in 1956 and began teaching art in Chung Cheng High School and Whampoa Secondary School respectively. Over decades, the artist nurtured a group of ink painters, and some of them become the leading figures of modern ink innovation in Singapore such Chua Ek Kay, Tan Oe Pang and Chen Kezhan. Fan is specialised in the "xiey"i style (an expressive and sketchy style of Chinese ink painting) Chinese painting. This is one of his best works representing the subjects of bamboo and rock. The compositional emphasis on the rock in front and the seasoned brushstrokes convey the strong spirit of a literati mind.

Artist Name
Fan Chang Tien
Image size: 135.4 x 34.0 cm, Object size: 198.0 x 47.5 cm
Accession No.
Collection of
National Gallery Singapore