LONG, G. and HOCHREUTINER, Bénédict Pierre Georges. Petit dictionnaire Français-Hollandais-Malais dans l'ordre alphabétique des trois langues... Kleine alfabetische woordenlijst in het Fransch-Hollandsch-Maleisch... Kitab lograt dari bahasa Melajoe, Wolanda dan Prantjis. Batavia, Kolff & Co, 1906.

This pocket-sized French-Dutch-Malay dictionary, published in Java in 1906, is extremely rare, being the first and only edition. It was compiled by G. Long and Bénédict Pierre Georges Hochreutiner, respectively assistant and temporary assistant at the Botanic Gardens of Buitenzorg (Bogor), in the Dutch East Indies. The fact that botany officers were involved in the production of this tri-language dictionary underscores the importance that European technocrats placed on learning Malay so that they could operate in the field

Dutch East Indies/Indonesia
Object size: 16.0 x 10.4 x 1.9 cm
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