Silver Cheroot Case

This high quality silver cheroot case would have been manufactured in Trichinopoly (currently, Tirichirapalli), as a luxury item made for Colonial consumption. The case is made of heavy silver, utilising deep, almost 3-dimensional repousse. The decoration comprises of dense acanthus-leaf foliage, within which appear mounted figures and animals. The lid of the case opens to reveal a segmented interior, which would have held twelve cheroots in such a way as to minimise damage. The object is typical of silver manufactured in Trichinopoly, which was known for the manufacture of small, highly prized, luxury items such as this cheroot case. Stylistically, the figures are also reminiscent of “swami silver” that was manufactured in the Madras region, and was so termed by the British, for the liberal use of deity or mythological imagery on the surface of silver objects.

Circa 1815
South India
13.3 x 10.0 x 4.6 cm
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Indian Heritage Centre