Lee-Enfield rifle with a bayonet used in the 2/4th machine gun battalion, Australian Imperial Force

The Short Magazine Lee-Enfield (SMLE) rifle was standard issue to the British Army and the Commonwealth troops - including Australia - during World War II. It is a mark III model with a .303 calibre and was manufactured by Lithgow in New South Wales, the site of the Australian government's small arms manufacturing factory for World War II equipment. The bayonet is a standard 1907 Patton (Wilkinson) manufactured in Australia for use in World War II. This Lee-Enfield rifle saw action during the battle of Singapore in World War II as it is attributed to a former member of the Australian Imperial Force 2/4th machine gun battalion, which fought in the defence of Singapore after it arrived in Singapore at the end of January 1942.

Australia, Singapore
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National Museum of Singapore
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