Postal Envelope

Prior to the World War II period, Indians in Singapore and Malaya retained strong political, sentimental and economic ties with their home country. Anti-colonial thoughts and actions, inspired by the “call for freedom” in India, resonated in the region too. Radio broadcasts, newspaper reports and visits by nationalist leaders strengthened the nationalistic mood among the migrant Indian community. The Indian National Army and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose brought to the fore this spirit of nationalism. This collection provides rare documentary evidence of the involvement of the region's Indian community in the Indian National Army and the Indian Independence League, the army's fund raising arm. This is a rare postal envelope addressed to Raman Chettiar of Malacca. The flap of the envelope bears the imprint IIL, Segamat. The back also bears a Japanese stamp.

25 November 1945
Segamat, Johor
Object size: 9 x 14.9 cm
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Indian Heritage Centre
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