Historically, Benares has been an ancient centre of production of brocades woven with silver or gold and fine silk; gaining distinction during the Mughal era. Persian motifs were combined with traditional designs to create the signature floral designs. The tradition of the Benares brocade continues to the present day, with a community of Muslim weavers in Benares or Varanasi, Gorakhpur and Azamgarh keeping it alive. The Benares brocades incorporate intricate motifs like the intertwining floral motifs, a string of upright leaves among others. This is a Benares brocade incorporating the traditional decorative motif of flora, flanked by horse and elephant riders in gold on a bright pink silk background. The Benares Brocade was and continues to be a part of the wedding trousseau of most Indian brides; a practice seen among Singapore’s Indian communities too.

20th century
Benares, North India
Object size: 109.0 x 87.0 cm (Approximate)
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Indian Heritage Centre