Altar cloth

This altar cloth features the Chinese auspicious symbols of Hock Lock Siew, phoenixes and qilins as the main motifs.The most common central design for the lower or large panel in altar cloths are the Chinese auspicious motifs of dragons, qilins and the three gods of prosperity, good fortune and longevity (Hock Lock Siew). Figurative scenes, Dutch motifs and sea creatures are also observed but less common. Many of these central motifs are encased in a central medallion, or surrounded by two pairs or four secondary motifs. For the top panel, the most common designs are also drawn from Chinese mythology, including the eight immortals, Chinese phrases of filial piety and auspicious sayings, pairs of dragons, qilins and phoenixes. The most common colours are orange and red, shades considered auspicious to the Chinese. Blues, blacks and browns also appear, but in much smaller quantity.

Early 20th century
Object size: H:104 x W:105.5
Accession No.
Collection of
Peranakan Museum
Credit Line
Gift of Matthew and Alice Yapp

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