Baju kasa gelair

This baju panjang is made of organdie material which is known among the Nonyas as ‘kasa gelair’ (glass-like organdie) after its translucent quality.The baju panjang is a long and loose fitting tunic. This makes it suitable in the hot, humid climate of the Southeast Asian region as it allowed for ventilation, while also projecting a modest appearance. Baju panjangs were worn over sarongs (skirtcloths) and were usually fastened by 3 brooches known as kerosangs. With the introduction of the aesthetically more appealing kebaya in the early 20th century, the baju panjang began to fall out of favour with the younger Nonyas. It became increasingly worn only by the older generations of Peranakan women.

Straits Settlements and Indonesia
Gross measurement: 116.7 x 140.7 cm
Accession No.
Collection of
Peranakan Museum
Credit Line
Gift of Mr and Mrs Lee Kip Lee
Garments and Accessories

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