Virgin and Child

This painting depicts a seated Virgin Mary holding her son Jesus Christ, who looks at the young St. John the Baptist. The background features classical columns and an oak tree with various other plants. It is mounted on gold and polychrome folio depicting flowers with birds and a larger frame featuring intelocking medallions and scrolling flowering vines on blue background.This painting was the work of Muhammad Zaman, an artist in the Safavid court of Isfahan who was very much influenced by European painting styles and perspectives. That influence could have come about from Flemish paintings that were widely circulating in Iran during that period. The Christian theme of the painting suggests that it may have been commissioned by a Christian, most likely by a member of the large and important Armenian community in Isfahan.

Frame size: Mount: H:52.0 x W:36.0 cm, Image size: Image Size: H:43.5 x W:30.0 cm
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Asian Civilisations Museum

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