Ceremonial mat

Ceremonial mats of this type are known as lampit. They are made of split rattan and cotton with burnt pokerwork designs. Many of these mats feature complex symmetrical designs, which probably represent cosmological diagrams. They also feature images of ancestors and mythological creatures.Lampit are heirlooms (pusaka) and are kept by noble families in Lampung. Often they were stored in ancestral temples. Lampit were made by men while woven cotton tampan were made by women to be paired together as ritual objects. This symbolised the pairing of male and female elements in the universe.

Early-mid 20th century
Lampung, South Sumatra
Object size: 102.3 x 96.7 cm
Accession No.
Rattan, cotton
Collection of
Asian Civilisations Museum
Credit Line
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Ng
Fibre Work

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