The Singapore Lady riverboat floating restaurant

The Singapore Lady was a three-decked riverboat brought over from Hong Kong in 1968 to serve as a floating restaurant and tourist attraction. Formerly known as the Hong Kong Lady, the vessel was a joint venture between famous Hawaiian restaurateur Don ‘the Beachcomber’ Beach and the Goodwood Park Hotel group. Housed within the vessel’s first two decks were bars, lounges and a Polynesian-themed restaurant that could accommodate up to 250 people for lunch and dinner. On top of the vessel was an open-air sundeck for guests to take pictures. Diners were ferried to and from the vessel, which was moored in Singapore Harbour opposite Clifford Pier, by two catamarans. When it opened for business in September 1968, it was one of only two such restaurants in Singapore (the other being the Junk Singapura, which had opened earlier in June). The high point for ‘the Lady’ came in 1969 when Princess Alexandra of Britain dined at the restaurant during her official visit to Singapore. The Singapore Lady ceased operations in 1972 due to poor business, as many diners were unwilling to put up with the inconvenience of taking a ferry out to the restaurant.

c. 1968
Object size: 10.2 x 15 cm
Accession No.
Collection of
National Museum of Singapore

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