Lantern stand

This is one of a pair of lantern stands made from namwood, which is a species of cedar commonly found in China. This piece is done in the style of “Red and Gold” furniture. This is a variety of Straits Chinese furniture in which certain parts are gilded with thin pieces of gold leaf while the rest is painted over with red lacquer. At the base are carved motifs of dragon heads which are outlined in gilt. The top of the stand is carved and modelled after the form of a lotus flower and covered in gold leaf. These are auspicious symbols in the Chinese culture, the dragon symbolising protection, good fortune and the Emperor, while the lotus represents purity. In addition, red and gold were two auspicious colours traditionally associated with Peranakan Chinese weddings. Such items were usually expensive and therefore commissioned by wealthy Peranakan families and made by craftsmen in China.

Late 19th century
Singapore and Malacca
Object size: H189.7 x W57.5 x D53.7 cm
Accession No.
Collection of
Asian Civilisations Museum

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