Calligraphic wooden panel

This wooden panel is part of a set of 3 panels, probably fragments from a wooden door. Painted with polychrome colours, some parts are highlighted with inlays of silver sheet, which are slightly tarnished. Each panel is decorated with a mihrab (prayer niche) arch shape framed by a calligraphic border on three sides. The cursive inscriptions are written over a background of scrolling arabesque (stylized plant motif). The mihrab arch is quite a popular motif in North Africa. The border inscriptions contain benedictory inscriptions, for example, "Mirth and Joy in all affairs,Happiness and wholesomeness,and the attainment of desires...Glory and attainment of desires."These panels were probably used in a home.

18th-19th centuries
Morocco, North Africa
Object size: L87cm x H164cm x W2.7cm
Accession No.
Colours, silver foil on wood
Collection of
Asian Civilisations Museum

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