This bracelet consists of seven half pieces of the betel nut very finely carved into rose petals and leaves on small oblong pieces of wood as backing. These are in turn enclosed with silver rims and are attached to one another with silver chains. A clasp joins the two end pieces.Silversmithing has a long history in the Malay Peninsula. During the SriVijaya (600-1100) and Majapahit (1293-1528) kingdoms, silver objects were brought into the Malay Peninsula by traders. Different types of wares began to be made from silver ingots and bars. Malay silverware is known for its intricate and delicate designs. The decoration or design is mostly produced by repoussé, filigree work and neillo work. In filigree work, the silver is drawn into fine threads and twisted into the desired shapes.

20th century
Malay Peninsula
Object size: L18.0cm
Accession No.
Collection of
Asian Civilisations Museum

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