A set of sireh items

This brass sireh set consists of a covered bowl and six small containers. The exterior of the bowl is decorated with geomtric patterns and characters of Javanese wayang figures. The lid of the bowl when turned over, serves as a tray on which smaller containers are placed when chewing betel. The containers are used to store condiments for betel chewing. The usual ingredients comprise tobacco, lime paste, slivers of areca nut, betel leaves and gambier, an astringent gum extracted from the leaves of woody vines.

20th century
Object size: H13.0 x Dia26.0cm, Object size: XXXX-03202-001: H10.3 x Dia24.7 cm, Object size: XXXX-03202-002: H6.2 x Dia26.0 cm, Object size: XXXX-03202-003: H5.5 x Dia8.3 cm, Object size: XXXX-03202-004: H6.4 x Dia9.4 cm, Object size: XXXX-03202-005: H11.5 x L12.8 x W6.4 cm, Object size: XXXX-03202-006: H6.0 x Dia7.0 cm, Object size: XXXX-03202-007: H2.5 x Dia3.4 cm, Object size: XXXX-03202-008: H4.5 x Dia5.3 cm
Accession No.
Collection of
Asian Civilisations Museum
Credit Line
Acquired from G.B. Gardner, 1938

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