Hair ornament

This round hair ornament known as a 'rakkuti' (disc ornament) with a floral motif is worn above the 'nagachoti' or snake braid, which is secured to the hair at the nape of the neck and tied along the wearer’s long plait. This plait ornament is worn by brides and dancers in South India on special occasions. A highly stylised pattern, the rakkuti is crafted in sheet gold and closely set. It represents the seat of knowledge and is worn above the head as decoration. Bharatanatyam dancers, devadasis (temple dancers) and goddess icons are usually seen wearing this ornament. This kind of jewellery is very popular in South India. The craftsmen of Tamilnadu and Karnataka are known for their expertise in this method of gem studding. All temple and commercial jewellery are made using this technique.

Indigenous Name
Late 19th-early 20th centuries
Tamil Nadu, South India
Object size: H.6 x D3.4cm
Accession No.
Gold, rubies, diamonds
Collection of
Asian Civilisations Museum

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