Wooden stamp

This engraved wooden stamp is used on paper money during ceremonial rituals by the Yao. Paper money is burnt to send messages to the gods.Yao religion is based on an ancient form of Chinese Taoism, which may have been adopted by the Yao sometime during the 13th century. For the Yao, ancient Taoist rituals are practised together with spirit worship, conducted by a hierarchy of priests. Other ritual items include daggers with rattles, bells, musical instruments, paper money, seals and stamps for writing petitions to the gods.The Mien or Yao as they are often called is an ethnic minority group who migrated from Laos during the mid 19th century into Northern Thailand.

Early-mid 20th century
Northern Thailand
Object size: L29.9 x W4 x H2.7cm
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Asian Civilisations Museum