Minaret model

This minaret model is decorated with openwork ornamentation. This model was made using the ‘à cire perdue’ or lost wax brass cast technique whereby wax model of the object was made and clay applied to the model. After drying, the clay cast was heated which will result in the wax melting away. Molten brass was then poured into the mould to replace the ‘lost wax’. The brass was then allowed to cool and the mould broken away. The object was then finished with filing and polishing. A minaret refers to the slender and lofty tower attached to a mosque from which the 'muezzin', chosen person at a mosque, makes the call to prayer.

c. 1910
Minangkabau, Western Sumatra
Object size: H30.0 x L10.1 x W10.1cm
Accession No.
Collection of
Asian Civilisations Museum

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