This collar is typical of the colourful accessories that are an important part of Hmong women’s cultural identity. It is decorated with geometric designs that combine cross-stitch and appliqué in colourful commercial cotton and thread. The collar was sewn onto the back of the neckline of a jacket. The x-motif, also found on Hmong silver jewellery, is thought to provide protection against evil spirits. The Hmong were originally highlanders from southern China, who migrated into Northern Thailand from Laos and Vietnam during the 18th and 19th centuries. They consist of two main groups - the Hmong Deaw (White Hmong) and the 'Mong Njua' (Blue Hmong).

Probably 1960s
Northern Thailand
Object size: L12 x W13
Accession No.
Collection of
Asian Civilisations Museum
Garments and Accessories

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