Si Jing at a reservoir

Si Jing (the pen name of Ng Soo Lui) was a prolific female writer in the Chinese community. Born in Singapore in 1934, she has written extensively on her childhood and life in Chinatown. Her husband, Huang Da Li, was an amateur photographer and Si Jing often became the subject of his photographs.Si Jing is wearing a Western frock, a common sight in Singapore from the 1950s onwards. As Singapore women became more cosmopolitan and were exposed to Western ideas, they started to look to the West and other parts of Asia (Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo) for fashion inspiration. This eventually resulted in the adoption of such Western-style dresses. This photograph is part of the donor’s personal photograph collection.

Object size: L:8.7cm W:6.8cm
Accession No.
Collection of
National Museum of Singapore
Credit Line
Gift of Wu Sijing
Photographs and Negatives

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