Galaxy Series No. 128

Born in 1946 in Malaysia, self-taught painter and sculptor Thang Kiang How’s talent and community service is variously recognised, including: Singapore’s Public Service Medal (1981), Dr Tan Tsze Chor Award (1982), and Special Award, UOB Painting of the Year competition (1985, 1986 and 1987). Exhibiting nationally and internationally, Thang was also President of the Modern Art Society Singapore (1981-93).Following his second solo exhibition in 1989, held at Singapore’s National Museum Art Gallery, Thang continued painting his “Galaxies’ series that then expanded into the “Second Life of Galaxies” series. As with his other ‘Galaxies’ works, this second series consists mostly of square canvasses or sheets of paper with acrylic and compressed air detailing. However, a significant compositional development in the series occurred following an incident with a destructive dog – a completed painting is cut into strips then reconfigured, for example as with ‘Galaxy 228’ and ‘Galaxy Series No. 231’.

Artist Name
Thang Kiang How
Image size: 122 x 122 cm, Frame size: H126 x W126 x D3 cm
Accession No.
Collection of
Singapore Art Museum