Krishna and his consorts frolic in the heaven while his companions watch from the Yamuna river

This painting is an illustration from the Harivamsha series (an Account of the Dynasty of Hari (Vishnu), or the Genealogy of Hari) which is a text that gives an elaborate account of Krishna’s early life. It depicts Krishna being entertained by celestial musicians and dancers in the heavens, while his companions gaze at the scene with wonder from the waters of the Yamuna River. At the background, Krishna’s entourage set up camps along the steep hilltops. Courtiers and officers are shown carrying supplies for the camp on the slopes. The composition of the painting is cleverly divided into three spatial elements namely water, land and sky. This painting either belongs to the Guler or Kangra school of Pahari paintings. Both schools are rather similar in styles and are well known for its style of profound tenderness in its treatment to the surrounding backgrounds and the colours used.

19th century
Guler or Kangra, India
Object size: H 53.5 x W 62.5 cm (Mount), Image size: H 36.3 x W 46.0 cm (Image), Frame size: H 59.5 x W 68.5 cm (Frame)
Accession No.
Collection of
Asian Civilisations Museum

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