Former Pondok Java and Sultan Gate

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Former Pondok Java
Pondok Java was also a centre for Javanese culture, where people came from all parts of Singapore to watch the regular traditional performances held there.  Many of Pondok Java’s residents were itinerant hawker of the original Satay Club, which later relocated to the Esplanade. Pondok Java was demolished in 2003 due to structural safety issues. 

As its name suggests, Sultan Gate was a road that led to an entrance of the former istana. It also has names with similar meaning in other languages, such as ong hu khau (palace entrance) in Hokkien, and raja kottai (King’s palace) in Tamil. 

Many blacksmiths and foundries were located at Sultan Gate; by the 1900s, the Chinese, in particular the Hakkas, operated most of these foundries. Household items and tools were some of the items made. There were at least seven foundries during its peak in the 1950s but by the late 1990s, there were only two left. The last foundry closed down in the mid-2000s after a fire.