Natural History Drawings: The Complete William Farquhar Collection, Malay Peninsula 1803-1818

This book brings together for the first time all 477 illustrations in William Farquhar’s extensive collection of natural history drawings, commissioned during his service as the British Resident and Commandant of Melaka from 1803 to 1818. Farquhar had a deep interest in the flora and fauna of the region, and made several important zoological and botanical discoveries. In an era when photography was non-existent, the only means of recording nature and wildlife was through painting. The Chinese artists that Farquhar commissioned employed traditional Chinese brush techniques while attempting to show the perspective and naturalism that Western painting demanded, resulting in works that are a charming mix of two different art traditions.

978-981-4217-69-9 (Paperback)
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Laura Dozier
National Museum of Singapore
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