HistoriaSG Public Lecture Series 2017: Lecture II (Insights into the Invasion and Occupation of Singapore through Japanese Wartime Propaganda)

Insights into the Invasion and Occupation of Singapore through Japanese Wartime Propaganda

Lecture by Garth O’Connell, Curator, Military Heraldry and Technology, Australian War Memorial
National Museum of Singapore
18 February 2017

The Imperial Japanese conquest of Malaya and Singapore in 1942 was a globally significant event with far-reaching ramifications. To impress upon the subjects of their newly-seized lands, as well as upon their own people and the world that they were invincible, the Japanese military created a diverse range of wartime propaganda.

Some of the most easily mass produced and popular forms of this propaganda were souvenir postcards, posters, prints and magazines, which included images and artworks featuring the local people, places and battles.

This presentation by Garth O’ Connell, a visiting curator from the Australian War Memorial, will showcase and explore some examples of this rarely-seen Japanese wartime propaganda of Singapore. Participants will also have the rare opportunity to view original copies of these materials during the talk.

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About the speaker

Garth O’Connell is a curator from the Australian War Memorial. He completed a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Cultural Heritage Management in 1999 and joined the Memorial immediately after graduation, working as a curator with the Military Heraldry and Technology section. Proud of his cross-cultural family roots to Ireland and the Aboriginal people of North Western New South Wales, Garth’s research and interests are diverse, and include the service history of Indigenous Australians in the military, the Malaya-Singapore campaign of 1941–1942 and the Vancouver Canucks ice hockey team.

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