Heritage Through Google Glass - The Marsiling Tunnels

The first documentary under the ‘Heritage Through Google Glass’* series documents the interiors of the Marsiling Tunnels and incorporates NHB’s research on these World War II structures.


The National Heritage Board has embarked on a series of projects that use new technology to document heritage sites across Singapore which were previously inaccessible to the public due to their remote and/or restricted locations, or to provide a behind-the-scenes look at museum curation and artefact conservation.

The ‘Heritage Through Google Glass’ video series* leverages on Google’s latest wearable technology, Google Glass. With this technology, NHB researchers can now visit and document heritage sites, or record intensive conservation processes without being encumbered by bulky camera equipment, to provide first-hand narrative accounts and subsequently share such recordings as video clips.

* This series does not represent NHB’s endorsement of the products featured.

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Heritage Research & Assessment, National Heritage Board
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